Darren Jackson


Symposiums where a way of getting artists to share ideas and generate knowledge along with drinking and late nights. The modern version is a bit different, its still a bonding of minds with like minded artists, but the competative side of competeing pushes you to progress with larger works. From 06 I have teamed up with British Ice Sculptors to represent the UK.     

Latvia Ice Sculpture Festival 06                                    

Helsinki Ice Festival (Arts meets Ice) 07

Latvia Ice Sculpting Festival 07

Lithuania HBH Concrete Symposium 07

Latvia Ice Festival 08

Latvia Sand carving Festival (summer signs) 08

Helsinki Ice Festival (Arts Meets Ice) 09

Lapland Ice Symposium 09

Latvia Ice Festival 09

Russian Sand carving Festival Perm 09 

Canada Ice carvinf Festival, Lake Lousie 10


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